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I know how to data bind. But i know ive done this before where i define an array of strings or ints within Xaml. Note that im referring to Silverlight xaml.

Is it something like this?

ItemsSource="10 20 30" ItemsSource="10, 20, 30" ItemsSource="{10 20 30}" ItemsSource="{{10} {20} {30}}"

Note that none of the these actually work. The first one, for instance, places each character as a separate item in the list or combobox... etc.

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Don't use ItemsSource. ItemsSource is specifically for binding to a collection. Controls that have an ItemsSource property typically have an Items property. Try setting it like this


Note that each item is on it's own line. Also, I can't tell you the syntax off of the top of my head, but I would try to create the collection as a Resource rather than declaring it in the control. This will make it easier to reuse.

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This code won't work. It creates one (1!) item instead of 3. –  Wolfgang Ziegler Feb 4 '14 at 19:38

You have to new up actual objects (e.g. Strings) and add it to the ItemsControl. Make sure to import the System namespace for that:


Then simply create and add the items:

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