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I tried to make a rule where whenever a node has new content, the author/user of the node gets an email from the website administrator. Basically, whenever a random user leaves a story on another random user's guestbook (through the Guestbook module), the owner of that guestbook would get an email notifying them of the new comment. For some reason the email never gets sent out or received.

Any ideas on why this is not working? If you don't know why it's not working, is there maybe another module that could help me do this?

(I can not do the internal rules test because I cannot get the simpletest module working and that is a prerequisite)

here's a link to the website if you need to understand this visually - http://www.anikdoht.com

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You're not giving too much detail here regarding the issue. My first troubleshooting method would be to check that the rule is being fired appropriatley. To test this you could add an action for logging to watchdog in your rule, if the rule fires the action properly, then you'll have an error message in the Reports area of Drupal.

Then the Watchdog report for possible mail errors, then the Apache error logs, and above all make sure that you have access to mail functionality on the server.

If you were to provide related error messages from Drupal or Apache, and at minimum the rule configuration we could probably be of more assistance.

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