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Currently I have a bunch text inputs, which I can't change the HTML for (as it is pre-generated), but I want to convert them from type="text" to type="number", is there a bit of jQuery or JavaScript I can use to achieve this?

This is in a small application for mobile devices.

Basically I want to convert

<input type="text" id="MyID" name="MyName">


<input type="number" id="MyID" name="MyName">

I was trying something like

  function DoWhenReady() {
    $('#MyID').attr('type', 'number');

In the header, but without success - suggestions?

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Try $('#MyID').prop('type', 'number'); (jQuery 1.6+ required for prop)

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perfect - would have accepted it already but I have to wait 5 minutes :-( –  Alister Dec 12 '11 at 1:46

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