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It seems that GameKit only allows GKTurnBasedMatch to be updated once per time that GKTurnBasedMatch is loaded from the Game Center servers. Is there an other way to update the matchData property?

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The following method was added to GKTurnBasedMatch in iOS 6.0 and will do what you need:

- (void)saveCurrentTurnWithMatchData:(NSData *)matchData
                   completionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *error))completionHandler

"Update the match data without advancing the game to another player"

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Note that this triggers a push notification to opponents even though the current player's turn is not yet over! See this thread. –  todd412 Apr 6 '13 at 5:45

You can call `-

[GKTurnBasedMatch (void)loadMatchDataWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(NSData *matchData, NSError *error))completionHandler];

as often as you like to get updated matchData. If you want to do incremental moves you also can do -

[GKTunrBasedMatch - (void)endTurnWithNextParticipant:(GKTurnBasedParticipant *)nextParticipant matchData:(NSData *)matchData completionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *error))completionHandler];

with your own participant as next participant. However, you have to loadMatchDataWithCompletionhandler: once again after you submitted your partial move before you are allowed to submit the next move part.

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