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Is there any easy way to sync the group structure inside Xcode 4 and the actual folders structure in the filesystem?

I have read that some people create new folders on Finder and them drag-and-drop into Xcode, but that sounds like a hack to me. I wish there were a configuration/setting where I could set to make logical (groups in Xcode) and physical (files in filesystem) structures match so that I would not have images, my code, external code, plists, pch, lproj, etc. on the same messy folder.

I also tried changing the location on the Identity and Type panel in View -> Utilities -> View File Inspector and it just made me more confused.

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Even I have the same problem – Kunal Balani Jun 26 '12 at 20:33
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Unfortunately not, the way you mention is what I do.
Its not great but it works.
Just place the file in the folder and then logically group it in XCode.

Automatic Folder Content Inclusion
For automatically inclusion of files and folders, add a folder reference.
You'll see this as a blue folder in your project and now anything you place in there is automatically added to the project.

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