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I am trying to send my new app to apple to go on the app store, but i can't seem to get the code signing right!

warning: Application failed codesign verification. The signature was invalid, or it was not signed with an iPhone Distribution Certificate. (-19011) Executable=/Users/Joseph/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/PicADay-dzlmpdarkaqeclhampzrztoxctto/Build/Products/Distribution-iphoneos/ codesign_wrapper-0.7.10: using Apple CA for profile evaluation Illegal entitlement key/value pair:, Illegal entitlement key/value pair:, {type = mutable-small, count = 1, values = ( 0 : {contents = ""} )} AssertMacros: filter_entitlements(entitlements_whitelist, entitlements_requested, allowable_entitlements), file: codesign_wrapper.c, line: 932 - (null)

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Was the distribution certificate created using an Application ID that has iCloud enabled? Note that if you create a certificate, then enable iCloud for that app, the certificate must be revoked, then re-created. – Craig Otis Dec 12 '11 at 2:29

It is very Simple.... Do follow this link... A step by step procedure for App Submit.... and if still you are not able to do. Reply me i will personally help you. ok All The Best.. :))

This is the Link. Hope It helps..

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