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I have an app with :

  • an activity class that allows the user to set multiple alarms.
  • a service class to manage those alarms in the background.
  • a receiver class to do certain work when the alarm is called.

Everything works fine.

Now I want to automatically start the service when the phone boots up. The onBootReceiver is received but the app crashes (NPE) when this line is reached in my service class:

Intent intent = new Intent (MainActivity.getContext(),AReceiver.class);

I can't use this instead of MainActivity.getContext() either.

Any ideas of what may be causing this?

Thanks :)

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From your code sample, it looks like the MainActivity class is not being initialized when being passed into the Intent. This means that the getContext() method will return a null value, and thats where your error is.

You need to use getContext() or getApplicationContext() from a initialized object. If this proves impossible, you could do something like this.

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Thanks Mark D, it works now. I had to use Rohit Ghatol's method available in your link. Thanks again, I really appreciate it :) –  caiser Dec 13 '11 at 1:00

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