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I'm new to the wonderful world of .net development, and I'm currently using c# 3.0 and I'm wondering is there any good/free/open source tool to auto generate documentation for the project that I work on based on the /// summary comments like or whatever the in thing it is for vs2008. As I recall back in .net 1.1 we used to use that with a tool call ndoc, but I can't find much about ndoc and VS 2008 express.

So can anyone please recommend me some good tools or point me to the right direction? thanks.


I'm currently looking into Doxygen..

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These two tools might help you:

The SHFB GUI tool will help you to easily build your documentation files with Sandcastle.

I hope these two links will help you further.

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thanks, i'll check it out :) – melaos May 11 '09 at 7:28

Docu is a new (and alpha) player in this space:

What's a docu? A documentation generator for .Net that isn't complicated, awkward, or difficult to use. Given an assembly and the XML that's generated by Visual Studio, docu can produce an entire website of documentation with a single command.

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Doc-O-Matic Express is free an very fast (unlike Sandcastle).

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Have you looked at GhostDoc?

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We use doxygen which (unlike Sandcastle) has a nice GUI to help generate a config file and perform test runs etc. It can produce some nice graphical representations of the class relationships as well.

We have plugged it into our Cruise Control configuration as well so we have up to date documentation as part of the nightly builds.

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