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I downloaded the latest package in this url: https://github.com/webkitdotnet/webkitdotnet

but I can't compile it in vs2008 or vs2005,who can tell me how to compile it?


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Well, you could start by checking out the instructions put out by the webkitdotnet team.

From TFA:

Open webkitdotnet/WebKit.NET.sln in Visual Studio 2008, or equivalent, and select 'Build -> Build Solution' from the menu. If you wish to try the test web browser application, right-click the WebKitBrowserTest project in the Solution Explorer and select 'Set as Startup Project', then select 'Debug -> Start Without Debugging' from the menu. The compiled library can be found in a subdirectory of webkitdotnet/bin.

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Oh,sorry,I forgeted I compiled it in vs2008,but can't built it. –  HappyQQ Dec 13 '11 at 4:31

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