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I am trying to call a Dotnet webservice from android application in which i have a function(ClienLookUp) which requests the webservice with 2 parameter uuid and status, the response is an array consist of 4 parameters uuid,status,msg,QA the uuid is to be the same as in the request but the service is returning me null. I have created the session from the same uuid before this function call and session is created but if i check the session status with my ClientLookUp function the response is seesion expired and the returned uuid is null.

The webservice is working fine for other platforms i am not getting that what is the issue behind this either my soapobject is not working or the connection is not established successfully. Iam using the Ksoap2 library for this purpose.

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I have done a similar thing before. I created a web service is .NET to send 2 parameters namely username and password for user authentication.

You can refer How to call a local .NET web service from Android Application

Check the answer I have posted over there. It will give you some idea on how to go about writing the ksoap code.

Hope it helps,


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