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Using the COPY command ( I get each CHAR column filled up with spaces in the resulting text file.
Is there any way to trim them during this procedure ?

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You can specify a query instead of a table name with COPY so you can add a TRIM call to strip off the leading and trailing whitespace from your char(n) columns:

copy (select trim(some_column), ... from some_table) to stdout with csv;
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Actually, that has nothing to do with COPY. The data type char is blank-padded per definition. That is the correct content of the column. Read the manual about data types.

char is an inheritance from an era where computer systems had a hard time with variable string length and is rarely useful nowadays. You can change this for exports like @mu describes. However, to fix this for good, use the text data type (or varchar) in your table-columns.

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data types are not always a choice, but given fact. I think we will find CHAR until the UNIX doomsday ;-) – javadude Dec 12 '11 at 11:51

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