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As I am new to this SVNKIT . Please any one Can provide me the code for creating an new text file SVN repository .

Eg: file:///E:/SVN/IDS/MSCVE

I want to add a new text file in the MSCVE folder.

it has to look like the below tree structure


Thanks In Advance.

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As SVN is just like a folders in PC. Code will be similar, as you create file in java. –  Muhammad Imran Tariq Dec 12 '11 at 10:02

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Have you tried following the instructions in the SVNKit Wiki? See Committing To A Repository.

The following code adds the file nodeC/itemC2, adds the text and then changes some properties on it:

//the second and the third parameters are the path and revision respectively 
//of the item's ancestor if the item is being added with history
editor.addFile( "nodeC/itemC2" , null , -1 );

baseChecksum = ...;
editor.applyTextDelta( "nodeC/itemC2" , baseChecksum );

baseData = ...;
workingData = ...;
checksum = deltaGenerator.sendDelta( "nodeC/itemC2" , baseData , 0 , workingData , editor , true );
editor.closeFile( "nodeC/itemC2" , checksum );

editor.changeFileProperty( "nodeC/itemC2" , "propName1" , "propValue1" );
editor.changeFileProperty( "nodeC/itemC2" , "propName2" , "propValue2" );
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