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Well since i installed IE 8 i get this error so i cant debug my asp.net page :(

"Unable to start program http://localhost:123/myapp/" Could not find the element(or some thing like that translated from swe)

What must i do to get rid of this error? and IE more or less hangs after this, the window does respond but it only loads half of it components...

Edit: Is there any way to set what browser to use when debugging befor i installed IE8 i normaly used opera and it worked like i wanted it to...

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What makes you think this is a "Bug" in ASP.NET, rather than a configuration error with your system/installation ? –  Cerebrus May 11 '09 at 7:40
well ok then its a configuration error but i havent done any configuration on my own so how do i fix it? –  Peter May 11 '09 at 7:43

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i think you IE 8 is not properly installed try setting other browser as default browser. if you don't get this error then it means you have to re install ie 8 again

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i uninstalled IE 8 instead... –  Peter May 11 '09 at 13:34
Please try the other answer before you go to this extreme. It's actually just a simple IE8 setting change. –  DOK Mar 14 '12 at 21:40

I had this exact problem with Visual Studio 2008. The solution was to set the default web browser that VS uses to a real browser (e.g. IE) and not the "Internal Web Browser".

  1. Right click on an ASPX file in your project and select "Browser With...". This lets you select the default browser to use when you select the "View in Browser" option and for when you debug/run the app (this is key).
  2. Select your favourite browser (i.e "Internet Explorer") and click on "Set as Default". Do not pick "Internal Web Browser".
  3. Debug away! Your app should come up in your browser now and debug as normal.
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Hi all these type of user i had resolved this error so u also must try it as follow below steps:

This is one of the various errors that appear when you are debugging and may haunt you until you do the following fix:-

  1. In the Internet Explorer, "Tools" Menu, select "Internet Options".

  2. Switch to "Security" Tab.

  3. Click on "Internet" (The Globe Icon. Its actually the default selected).

  4. Click on "Custom Level" in the bottom.

  5. Scroll down to find the "User Authentication" section.

  6. Select "Automatic logon with current username and password". OR Anonymous logon.

  7. Click "Ok" twice to exit.

Restart IE. (You don't need to reinstall your browser.)

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Maybe you are facing this known issue? This blog post also describes a workaround.

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