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mysqldump --no-create-info --extended-insert=FALSE --compact --where="1 limit 10 offset 20 '" -u root -p mydatabase users > users-10-10.sql  

I tried the above command and the offset seems not to be working. it fetches the data from first.

Is there any way to tweak this problem?

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Use LIMIT [OFFSET, ] LIMIT So some thing like that:

mysqldump  db table --where="1 limit 100, 1000" > dump.sql

Will select 1000 items skipping 100 first

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It should be noted that the 1 at the start is used to have a WHERE condition that always passes (evaluates to true) given that anything within that --where argument simply gets concatenated to the internal backup SQL queries. Other wise you get an invalid query like SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE LIMIT 100, 100 –  racl101 Apr 9 at 16:43

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