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I have to check whether a piece of code (e.g. call a third party web service) completes its execution within given time period. If output of the executing code does not comes in given time, execution should break and a default value should be passed to called object.

How to do it in java?

Any suggestion

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My opinion is that you need two Threads.

The first thread is to execute the service call and the second thread should be scheduled to interrupt the first.

First Thread:

public class ServiceCall implements Runnable {

    public void run() {


Second Thread:

public class Interruptor implements Runnable {

public Interruptor(Future<?> future) {
serviceCallFuture = future;

private Future<?> serviceCallFuture;

public void run() {


Now the main logic:

ScheduledExecutorService executor = Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(2);
Future<?> future = executor.submit(new ServiceCall());
// Schedule interruptor to cancel the thread after 10 seconds
executor.schedule(new Interruptor(future), 10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
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