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I have a clojure / compojure webapp with the following routes

(defroutes my-routes
 (GET "/app/preview" request  (my-preview-function request))
 (ANY "*" request (str "ANY page <br>" (request :params))))

The preview GET request is made with a couple of parameters. I find this works most of the time but sometimes the /ebook/preview is not found and processing drops to the ANY route, in which case the output is similar to this,

ANY page 
{:* "/app/preview", :section "50", :id "48"}

Can anyone suggest what might cause the /ebook/preview request to be skipped? It is definitely a GET request being made; the HTML does not have a POST for the /app/preview URL and to be doubly sure I added a POST route for /app/preview and that was not being hit.

JAR versions:

Clojure 1.2

Routes are wrapped as follows

(require '[compojure.handler :as handler])

(defn wrap-charset [handler charset]
  (fn [request]
    (if-let [response (handler request)]
      (if-let [content-type (get-in response [:headers "Content-Type"])]
        (if (.contains content-type "charset")
          (assoc-in response
            [:headers "Content-Type"]
            (str content-type "; charset=" charset)))

(def app (-> my-routes
           (wrap-charset "utf-8")
           (wrap-file "public")))

(defn run []
  (run-jetty (var app) {:join? false :port 8080}))
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If you're trying to figure out what request is causing the problems, stop throwing away the request map with (request :params) and just have a look at request. That will give you a map with all the information Compojure has; you can inspect it, and pass it back into your routes later to observe what happens (after you make some changes, say).

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Thanks. That's a good suggestion. Still no joy in working out why the correct route doesn't not get picked up but I'll feedback if I work it out. –  Teflon Mac Dec 20 '11 at 1:12


(my-preview-function request)

returns nil, then the routing will try the next route. Take a look at (source GET) and see how it matches (or doesn't) your route.

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