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I want to do some modifications of a geom_boxplot:

  1. reverse the order of the Y axis (A1 in top and A4 in bottom).
  2. Is it possible to plot my legend on the graph, not beside the graph.

Here is an example:

aa <- c(rep("A1",5), rep("A2",3), rep("A3",4), rep("A4",9))
aa <- as.factor(aa)
per <- runif(length(aa), min=0, max=100)
per <- trunc(per)
z <- data.frame(x=aa,y=per) 
z$ch <- NA
z[z$x %in% c("A1","A2"), "ch"] <- "string1"
z[z$x %in% c("A3"), "ch"] <- "string2"
z[z$x %in% c("A4"), "ch"] <- "string3"

z$ch <- as.factor(z$ch)

p <- ggplot(z, aes(x, y, fill = ch)) + 
geom_boxplot(size = 0.2, position = "dodge", outlier.colour = "red", outlier.shape = 16,     outlier.size = 2) + 
geom_jitter(size=1) + opts(legend.position = "right") + 
scale_colour_hue("variable") +
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I expanded my answer to also include placing the legend inside the plot. –  Paul Hiemstra Dec 12 '11 at 9:49

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Reversing the order of the labels on the y-axis can be done by reordering the levels of the factor (z$x):

z$x = with(z, factor(x, rev(levels(x))))

To get the legend inside the plot you can use the legend.position option. The trick is that when you set it to e.g. "top" or "bottom" the legend is placed outside the plot. When using a vector of two numbers, it places the legend at that position inside the plot. In code:

p + opts(legend.position = c(0.85,0.85), 
         legend.background = theme_rect("white"))

Which leads to the following plot, which I think is what you wanted:

enter image description here

Note the addition of legend.background to draw a filled rectangle surrounding the legend. Furthermore, I myself do not really like having the legend inside the plot as it can obscure the data. But that is, ofcourse, for you to decide :).

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thank you very much –  Tatiana Dec 12 '11 at 9:49
And thank you for providing some example code, this always helps greatly in answering questions. –  Paul Hiemstra Dec 12 '11 at 9:56

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