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I would like to union 2 tables and display all in a datagrid:

  • tblReservation (ID, StartTime, EndTime, SchoolID, AccomodationID)
  • tblMeeting (ID, StartTime, EndTime, Subject, Location)

In the datagrid I have 2 matching columns (StartTime, EndTime) and 2 different columns. Still I want to unite these 2 tables and set column 3 for School/Subject and column 4 for Accomodation/Location.

In PHP I know you can set names for the fields you get by using 'SELECT x AS name' but I am not very familiar with the LINQ-syntax.

Here I get the data from tblReservation from the date I've selected in the month calendar:

var vReservation = (from oReservation in clsApplication._oDBConnection.tblReservations
    where oReservation.StartTime.Value.Date >= mcCalendar.SelectionRange.Start.Date
    && oReservation.StartTime.Value.Date < cCalendar.SelectionRange.Start.Date.AddHours(24)
    orderby oReservation.StartTime ascending
    select oReservation);

foreach (var oReservation in vReservation)
    build the datagrid

How can I add the other table to this loop?

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when say mathcing and different do you mean type or value? –  Jodrell Dec 12 '11 at 9:17
I say different because School and Accomadation are being saved with their ID –  B Fly Design Dec 12 '11 at 13:55

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in select you can do something like

select new { oReservation.StartTime, oRservation.EndTime };

And then use the Union() extension method passing the other query to get them together See the 2nd box here for an example

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