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Can someone explain where session variables are held ?

I have added some session variables in header.php in the controller,for example;


This works when loading the site, and when i click on a product, all the variables are gone, except for the [language], [currency] and [cart] which are set by Opencart.

I guess there is another file or controller file where i set the variables, or where [language], [currency] and [cart] are set but i cannot find it.

Thanks in advance.

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try maybe catalog/languages/en.php or something like that? catalog/controller/languages/en.php. I'm out so I can't check just now – Peter Stuart Dec 12 '11 at 9:49
Peter. I think you may be close with that one, but english.php is not the file. If you do have time later, I would appreciate it. Thanks – user984689 Dec 12 '11 at 18:15

Session values are not set in a file. If you want to set a session variable, use

$this->session->data['variable_name_here'] = 'data value here';

and to retrieve the value you just access


For example, to echo it use

echo $this->session->data['variable_name_here'];
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Thanks, but my question is which file are these variables held in; ( [language] => en [currency] => USD [cart] => Array ( ) ) I set this; $this->session->data['day']=date("d",strtotime($row['startdate'])); in header.php which works fine when you load the site, but the variables disappear from the session when clicking on a product. – user984689 Dec 12 '11 at 16:07
header.php is loaded for every page, so its not possible for the variables to disappear unless you've done them in an odd way. Note that $this->data is localised, therefore its not passed from the header to the product template – Jay Gilford Dec 14 '11 at 10:13
if i get your question right then u are far and out of get an answer, the cart is a final class set in system/library/cart.php the language and currency are retrieved from the DB every they are needed, and by the way dont use $this (this is silly) $this returns a pointer to the class you are in wich is inherited from the controller class in the controller.php file take a closer look about how it is working you will know what to do, – Qchmqs Dec 18 '11 at 22:54

I think i bit late but the main class which handle the sessions is in the system/library/session.php, which have public variable $data and handling the $_SESSION in the constructor. so what ever you put in the $this->session->data it merge.

Hope it will be beneficial.


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/system/library/customer.php does contain $this->session->data['customer_id'];

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Here I would save the variables into a session:

public function receive() {
    $this->session->data['guest_name'] = $this->request->post['name'];
    $this->session->data['guest_address'] = $this->request->post['address'];

Now in catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php at index method check for that session variables and if set, store the value in the $this->data array for presenting to the template:

if(isset($this->session->data['guest_name'])) { // it is enough to check only for one variable and only if it is set
    $this->data['guest_name'] = $this->session->data['guest_name'];
    $this->data['guest_address'] = $this->session->data['guest_address'];

After that You can simply echo these values in Your template (still checking whether exists):

<?php if(isset($guest_name)) { ?>
<div><?php echo $guest_name . ' - ' . $guest_address; ?></div>
<?php } ?>

Now You should be done while avoiding any undefined variable notices...

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There is no file that held the session variables. Open cart session are created by using "system/library/Session.php". You can create session like this in open cart.

     $this->session->data['session_name'] = 'session value';

Now you can call this session in any where in open cart like this.

     echo $this->session->data['session_name'];
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