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How can I set Text Color of a text view to "#bdbdbd" programatically...?

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Why not 0xFFBDBDBD? –  Ruud Lenders Sep 1 '13 at 1:34
the questions clearly asks how to set a text color to a TEXTVIEW and not a button. –  tony9099 Dec 16 '13 at 20:58
setBackgroundColor(... ??? But the question is asking how to set the text color. –  RTF Feb 17 at 12:06
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Or, in your case: yourTextView.setTextColor(0xffbdbdbd);

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Great answers. Adding one that loads the color from an Android resources xml but still sets it programmatically:


where gray is defined in an xml:

  <color name="some_color">#bdbdbd</color>
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Thanks, I was having trouble for some reason setting the holo colors, like tv.setTextColor(color.holo_green_light). The text was showing up invisible. So I set the color as a resource in XML like @android:color/holo_green_light and set it programmatically with that. –  RTF Feb 17 at 12:32
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TextView tt;
int color = Integer.parseInt("bdbdbd", 16)+0xFF000000;


tt.setBackgroundColor(Integer.parseInt("d4d446", 16)+0xFF000000);




Java/Android String to Color conversion

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@ashish.n a change like that should be posted as a new answer, will leave it up to Marek whether he wants to roll it back or not. –  OGHaza Jan 15 at 12:17
@OGHaza thanks for notification, I'll allow that edit –  Marek Sebera Jan 15 at 12:19
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