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I am looking for a function in doctrine for converting null values to specified default values. So IsNull(A, B) should return B if A is null, A otherwice. Has doctrine such a function?

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Why don't you write it yourself? –  Mansuro Dec 12 '11 at 9:56

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If you are talking about grabbing null values from an object, write a method in your entity

// Entities/SomeEntity.php

class Foo
    private $a;

    private $b;

    // ...
    // Your getters and setters are here
    // ... 

    public function myNullFunction()
       if($this->a === null AND $this->b !== null)
           return $this->b;
       elseif($this->b === null && $this->a !== null)
           return $this->a;
          // ... Do something if both are null

You can then use the function whenever you have loaded your object(s)

$foo = $some_repository->getFooObject();

// The function returning a value that is a or b
$bar = $foo->myNullFunction();
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