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I am using Jquery to show/hide A ListShuttle component based on the radio button value. Although I am able to show/hide the ListShuttle component but I am not able to select any value in ListShuttle. I also explicitly specified rendered="true" but still no success. Before using JQuery there was an with radiobutton and a which was getting rendered on radio button clicked.

For Jquery I removed as well as . After that I am not able to select any value in ListShuttle..

I have one more ListShuttle on the page.However for this component I have not done any modification but after using JQuery I am not able to SELECT value in this listshuttle also. This also uses and

Code snippet is:

    <h:selectOneRadio id="region"  border="0" label="Region Name" value="#{Bean.Region}" required="true" styleClass="intro" onchange="showRegionShuttle()">
<f:selectItem id="india" itemValue="All" itemLabel="All" />
<f:selectItem id="region" itemValue="Region" itemLabel="Region" />

<rich:message  for="region"  styleClass="error_messages" showDetail="true"/>
<h:panelGrid columns="6">
 <h:outputLabel value="Name *" id="regionLabel" styleClass="intro" escape="false" rendered="true"  /> 
<rich:spacer height="30" width="20"/> 
<h:outputLabel value=" : " styleClass="intro" id="colonLabel" escape="false" rendered="true" />
<rich:listShuttle id="calListShuttle" sourceValue="#{Bean.regionSourceList}"  targetValue="#{Bean.targetList}" rendered="true" var="itemsRegion" fastOrderControlsVisible="false" orderControlsVisible="false" targetRequired="true" >

<rich:column >
<h:outputLabel value="#{itemsRegion}"/>
</rich:column >                                 
<h:panelGroup />
<h:panelGroup />
<rich:message  for="calListShuttle"  styleClass="error_messages" showDetail="true"/>
<h:panelGroup /> 
<rich:spacer height="20" width="18"></rich:spacer>

and the JQuery code is

function showRegionShuttle()
    jQuery("input:radio[@name='frmOffer\\:region']").click(function() { 
        var radioValue=jQuery("input[name='frmOffer\\:region']:checked").val();

What can be possibly wrong... Why I am not able to select a Value in ListShuttle on inclusion of JQuery.

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1 Answer

Adding the JQuery script file which came with Rich Faces will solve the problem. Also when using the richFaces jquery file it is very evident that you need to use JQuery Tag else Jquery will not fire...

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