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I changed "hdd1\Content" folder with JTAG console, how to restore and update this folder, because xbox hangs up.

Thank you!

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Please anyone help me –  Sergey Dec 12 '11 at 18:42

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If you have a development kit Xbox 360, try accessing the retail emulation partition from neighbourhood (assuming the kernel boots) and renaming it there. If that fails, do a recovery.

If it's a retail Xbox 360, you might need to somehow connect your hard drive to a computer and find an XFAT tool that will enable you to rename the folder back to Content. Your console should boot fine if you detach the hard drive. Until you manage to fix the problem, you can probably still play by detaching the HDD and using a flash drive for storage.

EDIT: I know this question is a few months old now (and the issue is probably resolved), but hopefully this information may be useful to others in the same situation.

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