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I'm having a problem with the LVL in one app.

We have around 10 Apps in that we are using License check, but today only one App is not working. Its showing Signature Verification Failed error. All 10 apps are using the same licensing library, apart from one app all are working perfectly fine. Not getting why its not working. The Key I'm using is definitely correct!

The error I get in logcat is:

12-12 15:22:07.000: E/LicenseValidator(6783): Signature verification failed.

And the dontAllow() function of the LicenseCheckerCallback is run.

Some help would be very much appreciated. I'm testing the apps on a Nexus One.

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Have you found an answer, currently experiencing the same issue –  jyavenard Jan 24 '12 at 2:40

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This is kind of a bizarre solution but it worked for me:

I logged into the Android Developer Console, navigated to the Edit Profile screen, and reset my License Test Response to a different value. After saving, I reset the test response back to what it was before and saved again. After I did that, the error disappeared and everything worked fine.

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In my experience, the test response stuff is very brittle. I've seen it reply with incorrect stuff, even when using StrictPolicy. This blog post mirrored my experience exactly:

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