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I wanted to bypass an internal method call and hence have mocked it. The mocked method delegate looks like:

public Microsoft.Moles.Framework.MolesDelegates.OutOutFunc<string,string,string,
byte[]> GetlineStringStringOutStringOut { set; }

Now, in my test when I try to access this mocked method like:

GetlineStringStringOutStringOut = (a,b,c) => {return bytearray};

an error occurs saying parameter 2 and 3 must be declared with out keyword but when I declare them with out keyword it's doesn't compile at all. I read other SO questions and answers and it seems it can't be done.

Is it possible to provide user defined delegate for this? If yes, please give an example.


I tried to declare my own delegate of same signature as mocked delegate

static delegate byte[] MyFunc<String, String, String>
(string a, out string b, out string c);

but I'm not sure how can I call this while calling the mocked delegate method?

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You need to assign values to b and c variables before returning from your lambda and also specify the parameters types explicitly, something like this:

GetlineStringStringOutStringOut = (string a, out string b, out string c) => 
    b = c = string.Empty;

    return new byte[] { };
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+1 ... Thanks Jo –  Rahul Dec 12 '11 at 13:44

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