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I know I can create an action in the present and in the past. But is it possible to create one which lies in the future? For example I would like the users of my app to be able to make an appointment in a restaurant via the timeline for the next day. I have tried the following code:

function postRestaurant() {
    restaurant=' + encodeURIComponent(getRedirectURI() + '?type=restaurant' + '&description=dynamicdescription' + '&title=dynamictitle'), 'post', function (response) {
        if (!response || response.error) {
            console.log('postRestaurant: Error occured => ' + response.error.message);
        } else {
            console.log('postRestaurant: Post was successful! Action ID: ' + response.id);

With this code I can create an action in the present and it also works when creating the action in the past, but it doesn't want to create the action in the future. When I set a start_time which lies in the future I always end up with an action on my timeline which has already happened just now: Lego had lunch at... So now I am wandering whether it is even possible? I haven't found any info on that matter in the documentation. Maybe you have?

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AFAIK it is not possible. The documentation page for facebook open graph actions has a section which tells about possible configuration of timestamps:

Action’s timestamps can be configured to describe actions that occur at different times and how actions appear on the user's profile and News Feed.

Supported configurations for timestamps are:

  • Point in time when the API call is made (default. example: voted for a poll)
  • Start in the past / end in the past (example: soccer team I played on last summer)
  • Start in the past / end in the future (example: courses a student takes over a semester
  • Start now / end in the future (example: a relationship status)
  • Start now / end indefinite (example: like or want actions)
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