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I am currently writing a ReSharper 6 Plugin that should add Warnings to my IDE. These are read from an XML file with a LineNumber and other data.

So far I have created an IDaemonStage with ErrorStripeRequest.STRIPE_AND_ERRORS and a IDaemonStageProcess. This works and gets executed so far.

Problem is: The Warnigns don't get added to my IDE.
How do I get the correct TextRange and DocumentRange?

In my Execute() I have this:

var violations = new List<HighlightingInfo>();
foreach (var error in errorsFromXML)
    // assignments here
    int lineNumber = 172; // example
    string ruleId;
    string rule;
    string error;
    rule = ruleId + ":" + rule;

    // I guess this is what's wrong
    var lineNumber = 
    int start = daemonProcess.Document.GetLineStartOffset(lineNumber);
    int end = daemonProcess.Document.GetLineEndOffsetNoLineBreak(lineNumber);
    var textRange = new JetBrains.Util.TextRange(start, end);
    var range = new JetBrains.DocumentModel.DocumentRange(
        daemonProcess.Document, textRange);
    // range.ToString() => (DocumentRange (6.253 - 6.262) on <WrongThread>) // example

    // and this should be fine again
    var highlight = new TqsHighlight(rule, error);
    violations.Add(new HighlightingInfo(range, highlight, Severity.WARNING, rule + id));
return violations; // returns various violations

Also I have a Custom Highlight Class:

internal class TqsHighlight : IHighlighting
    private readonly string error;

    private readonly string rule;

    public TqsHighlight(string rule, string error)
        this.rule = rule;
        this.error = error;

    public bool IsValid()
        return true;

    public string ToolTip
            return this.error;

    public string ErrorStripeToolTip
            return this.rule;

    public int NavigationOffsetPatch
            return 0;
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The TextRange constructor actually takes an offset, which is probably not what you want. What you need to do instead is to call a few methods on daemonProcess.Document. Namely, if you call GetLineStartOffset() and GetLineEndOffsetNoLineBreak() this will get you the start and end of the line. You can cast an ordinary int to the required parameter type. Then, you can use these results to create a TextRange (use the constructor that takes both startOffset and endOffset) and, subsequently, a DocumentRange.

Hope this fixes the problem. Let me know if I can be of further help.

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Thanks so far! I've just edited my question and corrected my TextRange, but I still don't see the stripes and my DocumentRange seems to be wrong (DocumentRange (5.580 - 5.585) on <WrongThread>) –  Simon Woker Dec 13 '11 at 10:40
Hi, I have tried this approach and it works just fine on my machine. Take a look at <a href="gist.github.com/1474476">this listing</a> for the example I used. –  Dmitri Nesteruk Dec 13 '11 at 23:37
gist.github.com/1474476 –  Dmitri Nesteruk Dec 13 '11 at 23:37
I think the missing part was the StaticSeverityHighlighting Attribute. It works fine now, thanks! –  Simon Woker Dec 19 '11 at 14:48

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