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I have this content in YAML:

    bar:    |
            Foo bar.

And it works fine, but this:

    bar:    |
            40 % Foo bar.


ParameterNotFoundException: The parameter "foobar" has a dependency on a non-existent parameter " Foo bar.".

Based on the error, it clearly occurs right where the percent sign % appears. Is there some way to encode it or make it not fail?

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The problem is that the %something% syntax is used by Symfony Dependency Injection Container to reference DIC parameters. I think that you should somehow escape the %; as a first try I would go for one of those:

40 %% Foo bar .
40 "%" Foo bar .
"40 % Foo bar ."

I didn't find a 100% sure answer in Symfony, so go for tries ;)

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The last would be the correct way of doing it. Also note that a non-escaped % can cause errors if you ever parse your yaml with non-symfony parsers. – Omn Jan 7 '15 at 21:00

As per

All percentage signs (%) in the format string must be doubled to escape the character. Without escaping, values might inadvertently be interpreted as Service Parameters.

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So in short, use %% when you want % in yaml value.

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