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i'm trying to connect reliance Huawei card on linux system .......... but mode switch is not happening ,showing error

--> Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0: No such device sh: /dev/ttyUSB2: No such device

i added mode switch file as below



but same error and light on card also not blinking........if you have any idea please share with me i have to connect that 3G card

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  1. On Ubuntu 10.04 Go to System/Administration and click Update Manager. Check for updates and install it.

  2. Then click on Application and open Ubuntu Software Center. Search for wvdial and install it.

  3. Open System/Preferences and open Network Connections. Click Mobile Broadband then Add then Forward.

  4. Select country as India then Forward.

  5. Check on I cant find my provider and i wish to enter it manuallyand InProvidertype Reliance and clickForward'.

  6. Type in Selected plan APN as rcomnet without quotes and click Forward and Then click `Apply'.

  7. In Editing Reliance connection 1 check Connect automatically and click `Apply'. Restart Your computer and plugged in Reliance 3G card.

It will detect it in 30 seconds.

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Does it get detected.Does lsusb show you atleast one Huawei device? Did you run modeswtich as root? Why are you trying to set both the default and target product id s SAME? In that case no switch will happen.I too have the Reliance 3G card Huawei EC150. I didn't have any problems.

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In Ubuntu 12.04 plugged in the modem and it will detect automatically after few seconds.

  1. Click on network icon on top right side besides volume icon.
  2. Click VPN connections/configure VPN...
  3. In Network Connections. Click Mobile Broadband then Add.
  4. Under Create a connection for this mobile broadband device. Select your device from dropdown. Click continue.
  5. Select your country. Click continue.
  6. Select your provider. Click continue.
  7. Again click continue
  8. Then apply. Then save. Click on the Connection name under network icon and now connected.
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