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I need to generate a custom engine like products which are categorized in Brands and Categories:


  • Category 1

-----Product 1 /the same product in brand 1/

-----Product 2

-- Category 2

-- Category 3


  • Brand 1

-----Product 1 /the same product in category 1/

-----Product 2

  • Brand 2

  • Brand 3

What are the best scenarios to the above.

I did the following to achieve my needs:

1- Generated a new engine called category

$ rails generate refinery_engine category name:string image:image
$ bundle install
$ rails generate refinerycms_categories

2- Generated another engine called brand

$ rails generate refinery_engine brand name:string image:image
$ bundle install
$ rails generate refinerycms_brands
$ rake db:migrate

3- Generated an third engine called product and genreated that inside category and brand engines:

$ rails generate refinery_engine product category:engine brand:engine
name:string category_id:integer brand_id:integer number:string
quantity:integer brief:string description:text image:image
$ bundle install
$ rails generate refinerycms_categories products
$ rake db:migrate

4- I've edited the following files inside /vendor/engines/categories/ app/models:


has_many :products


belongs_to :category
belongs_to :brand

5- Also I've edited /vendor/engines/brands/app/models/brand.rb:

has_many :products

6- I've edited In _form.html.erb :category_id and :brand_id to make an HTML tag:

<div class='field'>
<%= f.label :category_id -%>
<%= collection_select(:product, :category_id, Category.all, :id, :name) %>

<div class='field'>
<%= f.label :brand_id -%>
<%= collection_select(:product, :brand_id, Brand.all, :id, :name)%>

7-In the front-end product section I see all the products when I click on a product Category and Brand are showing ids not the names. I need to display names rather than ids.

8- When I click on categories it lists only categories without showing the products inside it.... The same applies for brands. So how can I list the products which are associated with categories and brands inside each of them..

Thank you in advance for your support guys... I appreciate your help.

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Creating a separate category and brands model doesn't make much sense to me. I would rather have them as fields in the product table and write a helper to get all unique categories and brands. eg:

def get_categories

To filter products by categories: (this would replace the select tag for categories in your _form.html.erb)


To select products belonging to the same category, you can do something like:

@products = Product.where("category=?",params[:category])
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