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I have a textbox named 'fname'. I need to echo out the input of this box inside double quotes on a another page.

User enters: Test123

returrns: "Test123"

so how can I do that with $_POST["fname"] ?

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<?php echo('"'.htmlspecialchars ($_POST["fname"]).'"'); ?>
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Or you can use:

echo "Hi how are you {$_POST['fname']} ? I am fine thanks";

If you want to use it in a string surrounded by letters, simply use curly brackets {}.

Put the $_POST['fname'] to curly brackets.

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There are many ways:

besides the one nyarathotep mentioned:

echo sprintf('"%s"', $_POST['fname']);
printf('"%s"', $_POST['fname']);
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looks very neat, I especially like your second line! However, I would recommend encoding the HTML special characters, you wouldn't want to fall for an XSS attack, would you? –  codeling Dec 12 '11 at 14:20
of course. but it depends for what or where he is using it. in either case specialchars might be not enough. so i leave it out, as it was not part of the question. –  Rufinus Dec 12 '11 at 17:26

Use this:

 echo '"' . $_POST["fname"] . '"';


 echo "'" . $_POST["fname"] . "'";

of course if you want to you can replace ' and " with &quot; or &#039; in the code...

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