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I am trying to fade-in all the p tag contents onload with some interval one by one, but it's not working.

Here is my code:


<html>  <body>  <p>1</p>  <p>2</p>  <p>3</p>  <p>4</p>  <p>5</p>  <p>6</p>  </body>  </html>  


$(document).ready(function () {  
     var len = $('#nav li').length,  cnt = 0;  
     $('#change').click(function ()  { 
         if (cnt < len)  { $('#nav li:eq('+cnt+')').css('color', '#F00');  cnt++;  } 
         else {  alert("all li text color changed!"); } 


html p {display:none;}

here is my code check it

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Try the following function:

(function fadeNext(jq){
    jq.eq(0).fadeIn("slow", function(){
        // you can also set a timeout here if you'd like
        (jq=jq.slice(1)).length && fadeNext(jq);
})($('#content p'))

It's based on this post: http://paulirish.com/2008/sequentially-chain-your-callbacks-in-jquery-two-ways/

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it's working fine thank you :) –  Suresh Pattu Dec 12 '11 at 14:07

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