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I want to show modal window on click of link but also want to do ajax request to get the object which needs to be shown on modal window.

I am getting response with the content which needs to be shown on modal window but it is not popping up as modal window probably the script is not getting executed.


Main Page

  <%= link_to "New Topic", "#", :class => 'btn primary float-right bootstrap-popover'   %>
  <div id="modal_form_container"></div>

Javascript Code

   $('a.bootstrap-popover').live('click',  function(){

          url: "/topics/new",
          type: "GET",
          dataType: "html",

          complete: function() {

     success: function(data) {


     error:function() {
      }); // End of Ajax


$('#modal_form_container').html("<%= escape_javascript( render :partial => 'new_form')%>");   

This new_form page contains content to be shown on modal window

Can anybody help?

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Is it because the loading element is not being hidden?


Should this not be something like:

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No still it doesnot work. Basically I want to know how to load twitter bootstrap modal window after ajax request. – Nidhi Sarvaiya Dec 12 '11 at 17:57

I think you have to write something like following code after your ajax request gets success.

$('#PopupBoxId').modal('show');      // Show the pop-up (modal)
$('#disable_layer').modal('show');   // Show the black overlay

We have to manually show the pop-up after the ajax request handling.. As per my small experience in bootstrap. :)

Hope it works for you.

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Have you looked into the Bootstrap Modal Manager? You can use it like so:

$("").live('click', function(e){
    remote: '/url/to/load'

You can see this in action on the live demo page for the Bootstrap Modal Manager ( scroll down a bit, look for the AJAX demo ).

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