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I have created a video streaming site, so thought I'd try to implement my own oembed provider for this site. After reading the oembed specs and testing you tube and vimeo's own oembed endpoints I have implemented one for my site.

Now as far as I can tell it follows the spec exactly, but I can't work out how to properly test it. Does anyone know of an oembed provider testing suite?

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Unfortunately page only gives you the response and wont preview and render your html

Try this little jem

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We have faced the same problem. The only way we found to test our oEmbed provider is website, where you can paste your url.

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Another way to test it is using Disclaimer: I don't have any relation with this service. Another alternative could be to write a simple front end page using any jQuery Embed plugin like this one: – julianm Mar 28 '13 at 1:26

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