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I am trying to program a Graham-Schmidt process in sage and cannot figure out how to loop through the rows of an array.

def graham_schmidt(W):
    for i in W.dims()[0]:# this is the not working part
        print w
        for j in xrange(0,-2):
    return a;
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What is the type of W? Did you try this one: for i in W.dims()[0]? Where does variable w get a value? – bpgergo Dec 12 '11 at 14:34
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You're making things far too complicated. If W is not a sparse matrix, you can just do

for row in W:

Since you also need the row index, you can use Python's built-in enumerate:

for i, row in enumerate(W):

or (uglier)

for i in xrange(len(W.shape[0])):
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