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Is it possible to have an or option when multiple unique keys?

For example i what to to check on this key or this key and if one kick out a duplicate error then update on that key?

I have 2 unique keys: UPN and (username,school)

We use a on duplicate update statement in out MYSQL. if UPN is passed then update on upn key if duplicate or insert new row. i want to to check on UPN and (username,school) and do the following:

If upn match update on that If (username,school) match update on that if upn dosnt match but (username,school) do update on (username,school) match If upn match and (username,school) dosnt update on UPN match

So i need it to use or instead of and, is this possible?


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You can emulate this with conditional operators in the ON DUPLICATE clause of the query:

INSERT INTO thetable (id, username, school, othervalue)
VALUES (10, 'newtover', 'cool school', 'a comment')
  username = IF(id = VALUES(id), VALUES(username), username),
  school = IF(id = VALUES(id), VALUES(school), school),
  id = IF(id = VALUES(id), id, VALUES(id));

The order of updates in this case is significant.

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