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I need to create a web page, that shows video on iphone, ipad, blackberry & desktop browsers. On desktop browsers and ios it works fine. But i have a issue with blackberry.

<object data="path_to_3gp_video" type="video/3gpp" title="Some title" width="400"

After some googling i figured out that this code works fine on blackberry:

<a href="rtsp://v3.cache5.c.youtube.com/0/video.3gp"><img 

But I need play it on my server, which doesn't supports rtsp protocol. Are there any alternative solutions?

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Few pointers:

  1. Check if Blackberry Browser version is it v4.6.0 or above, verify it from this link
  2. Check if Blackberry Browser and your server supports HTTP Progressive Download as you said RTSP is not supported by server
  3. Check if the Blackberry OS support RTSP / HTTP / HTTP-Progressive playback, using this link
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Find your device here supported media types and check what video format does it support.

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