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How do I navigate the MiniBufExplorer without going into the MiniBufExplorer window?

In lines 170-174 of minibufexpl.vim:

"               To enable the optional mapping of <C-TAB> and <C-S-TAB> to a 
"               function that will bring up the next or previous buffer in the
"               current window, you can put the following into your .vimrc:
"                 let g:miniBufExplMapCTabSwitchBufs = 1

I added that to my .vimrc, restarted a blank Vim, then did the following commands to bring up multiple buffers (and consequently, the MiniBufExplorer):

:e somefile
:e someotherfile

Now, with my cursor inside the file window (not the MiniBufExplorer window), I try CtrlTab and CtrlShiftTab to no effect. Something I missed?

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I think this is most likely a conflict with snipMate, which I believe you have since you mention the tab mapping works in select mode. I tried to do it manually map <C-Tab> :bn<cr>, and it did not work either. I now use map <C-P> :bp<cr> and map <C-N> :bn<cr> to navigate through buffers, and I suppose other mappings would work just as well as long as there is no conflict.

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Minibuf explorer shortcuts (may require additional configuration):

[C-TAB] and [C-S-TAB] - move to next and prev buffers

Vim regular buffer shortcuts:

:bn and :bp - move to next and prev buffers :b# - move to buffer of number #

:h :buffers - for additional help

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Did you leave the " at the beginning of the let line? If so, it's commented out, and will not work. Otherwise, you may have a mapping conflict between plugins. The :map command will list current mappings.

It's easier to deal with mappings if you install headlights though.

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When I use :map, the only <Tab> mapping is one with an s prefix. It probably means that it takes effect only in Select Mode, correct? Will this still conflict the the MiniBufExpl settings? – Kit Dec 12 '11 at 16:07
@Kit It shouldn't conflict. Though it does mean you probably did comment the let line. Uncomment it and check is the easiest thing to do. – Spencer Rathbun Dec 12 '11 at 16:20

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