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I'm trying to install the jvcl from source, but I'm getting an error in line #1267 of unit JvInterpreter;

  {$IFDEF JvInterpreter_OLEAUTO}
  OleConst, ActiveX, ComObj,  

So I removed ComObj from the uses and waited for the error further down the line:

There's an error concerning EOLEError, which is part of OleAuto I added that and hoped for the best, but....

I get an error on this line #1799:

DispatchInvoke(IDispatch(Dispatch), CallDesc, PDispIDList(@DispIDs[0]), ParamTypes, Result);

So the question is: what happened to ComObj and what unit do I need for DispatchInvoke in XE2?

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The solution is to change the uses to use a fully qualified name:

  {$IFDEF JvInterpreter_OLEAUTO}
  OleConst, ActiveX, 
  {$IFDEF VER230}, {$ELSE} ComObj, {$ENDIF}  

Now it compiles without error.
See: What is the compiler version for Delphi 2010?
For a list of compiler defines.

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Alternatively, you can add "System.Win" to the project's list of available Unit Scope Names, then you do not have to change the original code at all. – Remy Lebeau Dec 12 '11 at 21:42

Simply add i.e. instead of comobj use

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