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I get a good string value from the following Data-Binding expression in a ASP.NET Web Forms ascx control:

<%# ((MyCompany.CoreLib.Main.ChallengeQuestion)Container.DataItem).AnswerType %>

I want to do something like:


<% if (%>
    <%# ((MyCompany.CoreLib.Main.ChallengeQuestion)Container.DataItem).AnswerType %>
<% == "DateTime") { %>
Show this text
<% ; } else { %>
Show this other text
<% ; } %>


Is something like this possible?

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You could use the OnDataBinding event per your control to perform any logic need prior to populating your data at a line level. –  George Johnston Dec 12 '11 at 15:14

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That's not possible but you could define a method on the code behind and use it on the aspx


public string GetAnswerTypeText(MyCompany.CoreLib.Main.ChallengeQuestion challengeQuestion)
   if (challengeQuestion.AnswerType.Equals("DateTime"))
       return "some text";
       return "some other text";


<%# GetAnswerTypeText((MyCompany.CoreLib.Main.ChallengeQuestion)Container.DataItem) %>
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This works, but I failed to mention that the text I want to return is markup like: return "<asp:TextBox ID='AnswerTextConfirm' TextMode='Password' runat='server'></ asp:TextBox>";. For some reason, the tags render as hidden/invisible, so they do not show up on the page. Any tips on that part? –  Jonathan Vance Dec 12 '11 at 17:23

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