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Is ther a way to use WiFi Direct on Samsung Galaxy S II on yor App,

calling some sort of API's or anything?

Beacuse the feature does work on these mobiles... There's must be a way...

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WiFi Direct is an ICS feature and must be supported by the hardware. You will have to wait for the Galaxy SII to get ICS. Even then, I am not sure if the hardware supports it (for example, Nexus S on ICS does not support it).

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Galaxy S II has WiFi Direct. you can use it. Samsunng developed it i guess. Of course i could wait to ICS on SGS2, it will work for sure. But i need it now... Any knowlege of the Samsung secret API that they've enabled to get thier device to use WiFiDirect? – zaxy78 Dec 21 '11 at 23:59

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