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I try to show top 10 rows in my report. I can do this by setting the following expression for the visibility of the row group: =IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) <= 10, false, true, and sort on the top numbers.

In my query I get two rows for each result, with different results. The problem is that I want to group these rows into one row in the report without losing the count for top X rows. But when I group on the name in my report in Visual Studio, it only shows every row one time and the count for X rows get incorrect. Sometimes I have the same name once and sometimes twice. I have tried to set the expression to 20 rows, but then I might get 12 rows sometimes and 10 rows sometimes, depending on how many rows for each name my query returns. Thanks in advance, Sara

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It sounds like you need to top N after you group. Can you group in you query?

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