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I want to understand how best tables should be designed to map Active Directory (AD) user groups.

I am implementing an application in which users will log in and execute actions or view pages.

I want to add permissions i.e. user can add a record, user can delete other users from system, user can view a webpage into SQL Server database.

My aim is to create AD user groups and map permissions for the user groups in the database but, I want to understand how to use parent-child structure of AD in my database such that if we have a user group that has access to perform permissions such as add record and delete record and if another user group inherits this user group but restricts access to delete a record then we would want to not allow the child user group to delete a record but it should allow adding of the record.

How should this be mapped?

thanks. Any help points are appreciated.

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I would strongly suggest looking at a technology such as MS Authorization Manager (AzMan), which will provide this functionality for you. It can use a database to hold the security configuration, or XML, or Active Directory itself.

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