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I've been hacking at this thing for hours now and suddenly its 4am and I am no further.

It is a rails 3 application.

I have cap deploy working, I have a gemset, the site is deployed, bundle has installed the gems I need into the gemset. I have installed passenger. I am running on a multiuser RVM.

I have done passenger start but it is giving me this error about not being trusted:

The rvmrc located in '/var/www/html/xx/releases/20111212035754' 
could not be loaded, likely due to trust mechanisms. Please run 'rvm rvmrc 
{trust,untrust} "/var/www/html/xx/releases/20111212035754"' to 
continue, or set rvm_trust_rvmrcs_flag to 1. (RVM::ErrorLoadingRVMRC)

I tried:

  • Setting rvm_trust_rvmrcs_flag to 1 in .rvmrc
  • Running the specified command
  • Upgrading rvm to head
  • Upgrading rvm to latest
  • Added the setup_load_paths.rb file
  • Generated .rvmrc with rvm use 1.9.3@captor --create --rvmrc

I am at wits end now. I've pasted my config files/output here and would be elated if someone found a typo :)

It shouldn't be this hard should it? What am I missing?

I thought it was related to this but the issue is closed now.

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My first recommendation would be to move the .rvmrc file up a couple folders to '/var/www/html/xx. From there it will be effective for all sub directories and will continue to be used without change across deploys. This page has a different solution that might work in your case, but I don't think even that is necessary if the .rvmrc file is moved up.

Next, when you say you tried "Running the specified command", what exactly did you run? I believe what you need to run is, rvm rvmrc trust /path/to/where your .rvmrc is at.

I hope that helps. Good luck.

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Thanks for the reply, I tried them still nothing :( Must be something funny with my setup. I'll try getting rid of all gem/sets/rubies and try again. – hamstar Dec 13 '11 at 7:59

It's probably related to this bug:

What I've done (today) is get latest version of RVN to get it fixed:

 rvm get latest
 rvm reload
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