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My controller:

class SchoolController < ApplicationController

  def index

  def edit
    @school=School.find_by_id params[:id]


  def check_teachers
    @teachers = @school.teachers

    #How to show teachers' names and titles in a lightbox by javascript ?



As you see above, I have a check_teachers method, inside which I got a list of teachers objects. Each Teacher object has name and title attributes.

A button click on the view will trigger the check_teachers method get called:

I would like to show all teachers name and title in a lightbox. I think I would need javascript to implement this. But I don't know how can I pass all the teachers' data from Rails to javascript and show the data in a js implemented lightbox...

Anyone can provide any help on this?

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you can do it with ajax. Simpliest way is to use FancyBox(jquery plugin, http://fancybox.net/home )

your button code should looks like

<a id="ajax_button" href="<%= url_for :controller => :school, :action =>:check_teachers, :id=>@school.id %>">Check teachers</a>

then add this javascript

$(document).bind('load', function() { $("#various3").fancybox({ajax:{type : "GET" } })

and your method controller action should looks like

def check_teachers
@school = School.find(params[:id])
@teachers = @school.teachers

but it's better to move @school = School.find(params[:id]) to before_filter

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