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I've implemented the galleriffic gallery in my site. I've started from a demo implementation, and I've added it into my site, and it worked fine.
But when I uploaded everything to the production server, I got a weird error that says:

"missing } after function body
jQuery(document).ready(function($) ...o('fast', 1.0); } }); }); "

This is the galleriffic script:

        jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
            // We only want these styles applied when javascript is enabled
            $('div.navigation').css({'width' : '300px', 'float' : 'left'});
            $('div.content').css('display', 'block');

            // Initially set opacity on thumbs and add
            // additional styling for hover effect on thumbs
            var onMouseOutOpacity = 0.67;
            $('#thumbs ul.thumbs li').opacityrollover({
                mouseOutOpacity:   onMouseOutOpacity,
                mouseOverOpacity:  1.0,
                fadeSpeed:         'fast',
                exemptionSelector: '.selected'

            // Initialize Advanced Galleriffic Gallery
            var gallery = $('#thumbs').galleriffic({
                delay:                     2500,
                numThumbs:                 15,
                preloadAhead:              10,
                enableTopPager:            true,
                enableBottomPager:         true,
                maxPagesToShow:            7,
                imageContainerSel:         '#slideshow',
                controlsContainerSel:      '#controls',
                captionContainerSel:       '#caption',
                loadingContainerSel:       '#loading',
                renderSSControls:          true,
                renderNavControls:         true,
                playLinkText:              'Iniciar presentación',
                pauseLinkText:             'Detener presentación',
                prevLinkText:              '‹ Foto Anterior',
                nextLinkText:              'Próxima foto ›',
                nextPageLinkText:          'Prox ›',
                prevPageLinkText:          '‹ Ant',
                enableHistory:             false,
                autoStart:                 false,
                syncTransitions:           true,
                defaultTransitionDuration: 900,
                onSlideChange:             function(prevIndex, nextIndex) {
                    // 'this' refers to the gallery, which is an extension of $('#thumbs')
                        .eq(prevIndex).fadeTo('fast', onMouseOutOpacity).end()
                        .eq(nextIndex).fadeTo('fast', 1.0);
                onPageTransitionOut:       function(callback) {
                    this.fadeTo('fast', 0.0, callback);
                onPageTransitionIn:        function() {
                    this.fadeTo('fast', 1.0);

I've the same files on my local, and in the production server, so I'm really annoyed. I would really appreciate your help.

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Make sure you have jQuery on your production server.... – Neal Dec 12 '11 at 16:14
The code you posted is valid, could the problem be elsewhere? – Kevin B Dec 12 '11 at 16:36
Many thanks for your answers! I really don't know where the problem is, and yes, I have jQuery on my production server. This is the url: Click on the left nav bar, "Arquitectura Comercial", and in the submenu click "Jumi", the error will be automatically triggered. Thanks again! – Guillermo Dec 12 '11 at 16:45

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