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I'm working with a simple animation instruction:

$('.slide').stop().animate({ queue: true, marginTop: total + 'px' }, (2000 * 2 * times), function () {

Where the marginTop of a <div class="slide"></div> is being manipulated.

Now, the issue comes here:

As you can see, the app should only show ONE alert saying "IN", because the alert is performed in the animation-end function. However, the alert is being shown more than once...


p.s: I don't have loops or so in my code...


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Why do you have queue: true among your list of style properties? That is meant to be part of the options argument that you can optionally pass as the second argument. – RightSaidFred Dec 12 '11 at 16:37

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The only reason for this is that you have more than one element in your markup which owns a classname of slide. jQuery will apply that animation to each element which was queried by your selector.

Unless you don't possibly call that code multiple times of course.

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