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I'm having a problem when testing the geolocation API using the Blackberry devices. I'm using Phonegap 1.2.0 to build my app and I use the common HTML 5 geolocation API to get the location information.

I'm testing using Bold 9900 device on wi-fi and rarely I could get the lat long. Most of the time it returns time out error. Using the simulator, I get everything running smoothly, my google map shows up just fine. Even when I test using other devices like Torch 9860 on wi-fi, I have to retry many times until I get the lat long. On Bold 9900, it just time out all the time. I checked the device location service from the Settings and I actually could see that the device GPS working, the lat long were detected fine. This must be something wrong with the Blackberry devices, the exact same codes I have running fine on iPhone.

I tested using the SIM card as well to make sure is not the wi-fi causing the problem, but the same thing happens. It just can't get the lat long right away, only when you're lucky.

As recommended by Blackberry Webworks, I do not need to specify permissions or feature elements inside the config file. My code is just as simple as this one:

navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(success, error, { maximumAge: 600000, 
timeout: 10000, enableHighAccuracy: true });

var success = function(position) { // do something };

var error = function(e) { // do something };

Can someone help me on this?? Before I throw my Blackberry devices...

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