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Auto refresh eclipse project upon folder update

I have been working with Java projects using Eclipse (both Ganymede and Helios). I have noticed that when I generate a file, for instance if I create and write data to a text file, or if I serialize some objects, then although the file is visible if I search outside of eclipse (i.e. using windows explorer or the places on linux) it is not appearing in my project folder.

If I try and import this file into my project, then Eclipse tells me that I can't do this because the file is already in my project structure. So I have to move the file manually outside of this folder using windows explorer etc and then import it into the eclipse project before I can see it.

Is there a way to make these generated files appear automatically? What ias the reason they're not already doing so?

Thanks in advance

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right click on the project -> refresh

or press F5

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Great, it works. Thanks a lot. –  Joe Dec 12 '11 at 22:30

Refresh your Eclispe project (F5).

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If you are writing those files programmatically, you might be interested in either Auto refresh as Beau suggested, or, if you can, switch to the Eclipse IO API if you wish tighter integration with Eclipse, which will directly take care of this.

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