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I have a C++ dll I have written (native, not .net), and I would like to use its functionality from Visual Lisp. Can anyone point me to an example of how to do this, or at least which bit of documentation to read?

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I solved this by writing an activex/COM wrapper for my dll, which I think should make it easier to link to in future. Starting a thread on the swamp yielded some answers from nice people about how to call COM from Visual Lisp. For the record, it looks something like this:

//in c++... (header and IDL file also needed)
hresult timestwo(double in,double* out)
  *out = in*2;
  return S_OK;

;; in Lisp...
(setq myinstance (vlax-create-object "mycomwrapperdll.mycomwrapperclass"))
(setq num 12.34)
(vlax-invoke-method myinstance 'timestwo num 'newnum)
(vlax-release-object myinstance)
;; newnum now contains 24.68
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You expose your native C++ code to AutoLisp using the acedDefun() and acedRegFunc() API calls.

Here is a discussion on Autodesk's programming forum asking exactly your question.

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That looks like a slightly different question to me - the poster has made an ObjectARX app which is something I am trying to steer clear of. I'd like to call an existing DLL from lisp, ideally without modifying the DLL. Is that possible? – Sideshow Bob Dec 13 '11 at 10:41
I know that AutoLisp has some COM hooks, but I cannot really comment on that approach as I have not personally used it. I always thought that building a thin ObjectARX (or .NET equivalent) connector .dll was the easier approach. (But then again I have been a C++ programmer for decades :) – rschuler Dec 13 '11 at 14:02

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